Goose Creek RV Park Reviews


Debbie and Gary:

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, you have done a lot in a short time to make this park a cozy, quiet place for people to stay, close to town.  We had been on the road for 9 days and most of the camp grounds we stayed at were very noisy, we had the best nights sleep at your RV park and bonus was meeting all of you, made us feel very welcome.  Look forward to coming again and seeing the improvements you are working on.

regards, Pam and Merle 

Maple Ridge, B.C.

What people are Saying


tried to get on this site, and no luck.   thanks for having us.   good little rv park in the middle of nowhere.   thanks for gary

helping us back in, this was a plus and showed us that you really wanted us there.    the bathrooms may need a bit of work

but the rest of your park was great.   of course we did have the best site with all of this hot weather.    we want you guys

to make it, so why not get some  2 for 1 deals at the golf course.   you never know, it may get us interested  in coming down


thanks again for a great time.

bob and charlotte 

Making the Grade

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